Sicilian Siccagno Tomato Puree


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100% Sicilian tomato


The Siccagno tomato plants are grown in the lands of the municipalities of the Sicilian hinterland

The tomato comeshand picked and freshly processed (by24 hours), contains little water, a lot of pulp and a high sugar content.

The sun exposure relative to the cultivation area enhances the typical characteristics of the tomato, returning a food with a low caloric intake and rich in antioxidant substances, very important for health, such as lycopene, the beta-carotene (vitamin A) and the C vitamin.


The Siccagno tomato puree fully expresses the organoleptic qualities and the qualitative and nutritional characteristics of the typical Sicilian tomato. Taking advantage of the experiences of grandmothers in making preserves of the past, added to modern techniques, the puree produced by the Rinascita Cooperative differs on the market because it does not contain any additives or preservatives, it has a very high yield as it contains less water than the cultivated varieties. with irrigation methods, high density, flavor and concentration. It cooks in minutesuti

Jar of 680 gr