Fiasconaro in Castelbuono - Palermo

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Fiasconaro a Castelbuono - PalermoTherehistory fromFiasconaro was born inCastelbuono, the country in whichManna of the Madonie it resides in the heart of the Madonie Park, exactly in the central areapiazza Margherita.
Since thefifties - therefore a story of about seighty years of life -Mario Fiasconaro care with great careheart Anddedication an ice cream parlor and, little by little, begins to frame thespecial occasions of the Madonites taking care of banquets and refreshments. Papa Mario's is a story ofrare entrepreneurial ability, but above all ofheart.Don Mario, as we've always called it, it wasready to help anyone, with enthusiasm, with affection, with friendship and soon his fame went beyond the borders of the village.
The three children -Martino, Fausto and Nicola - they began their profession in that laboratory and atExtrabar, this was the name of Don Mario's bar, which had now become aplace of worship for lovers of pastries and anniversary desserts.
The Extrabar changes its name and becomes simplyFiasconaro and from the late 90smakes itself known outside the borders of Sicily, thanks to the intuition that unites thetradition of great leavened products of theNorthern Italy, with all thoseagri-food production that characterize theSicily, starting with citrus fruits, almonds, hazelnuts, manna revisiting, thus, the "pan de Toni" inSicilian and Madonite key, with particular attention to the flavors of the earth, of tradition, with the utmost respect for the times of nature.
If you take a holiday in Sicily, remember that the door of Fiasconaro is always open!

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