New Dolceria in Ferla - Syracuse

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Nuova Dolceria a Ferla - Siracusa

We are at the gates of Pantalica which, together with Syracuse , I amWorld Heritage. We are in the middle of unspoiled nature , to Neolithic necropolis And sparkling baroque . We are a Ferla , one of the most beautiful villages in Italy , Very green and here you can breathe the rhythmslow, cadenced, primordial.

He moves his passion to Ferla Franco Manuele , since as soon as a boy, he enters the l family aboratory , where the tradition and the incredible quality of the raw material, he expressed, even then, maximum enjoyment for lucky customers.

L' innovation brought by Franco, is well rooted in the traditional roots of his ancestors and, therefore, becomes excellence , it was all already written.But Franco, in addition to the family tradition, put it in place I commit , study , Research And experimentation , a perfect mix to get bomb products !

Today his pastry shop has become a research point of innovation , in which love, passion and dedication, combined with her formidable instinct, have led her to be among the best in Italy .

The passion for the large leavened products distinguished i panettone and the doves by Franco a win prizes and awards and they brought it in TV , thanks to its leavened products iblei mountains .

If you pass by Ferla, pay him a visit, enjoyment guaranteed!

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