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Pasticceria Di Gangi a Calcarelli - PalermoToday we are a Calcarelli , a small fraction of the municipality of Castellana Sicula, at the foot of the small mountain range that forms the Madonie , within the namesake natural Park .

It is an area of particular beauty and purity , at the foot of the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Alto, set at a height of 1850 meters, one of the highest in Europe.

Calcarelli is a small village with few people , simple It's a lot welcoming .

Among these wonderful people there is Maurizio , owner of the Gangi Pastry Shop , a very popular artisan reality that is carried out with the help of his daughter Arianna and of Rosalba , the wife.

Maurizio decided to become a pastry chef changing job, now a few decades ago, pushed by passion transmitted to him by the grandmother , Cuncittina l’Arminisa,, Concettina called the Arminisa, because it came from Alimena, a town a few kilometers from Calcarelli.

The grandmother passed him i values once upon a time: passion , fatigue And time . The daily application of these three words to his work has allowed him to to emerge in a short time, of amaze and continue to amaze.

You know the scent that was in the kitchen from your grandmother when he prepared the occasional dessert that was always made in your family?

You know that perfume that is printed in your mind and that, even today, you would recognize among a thousand?

The scent of Maurizio's laboratory is like this: indelible . It is engraved in the memory and connects to the salivary glands. We, who have known him for some time now, say Maurizio and produce memories of well-being and pleasure. Maurizio! And sbamm, you stimulate the production of endorphins!

To obtain this result, it is necessary to brush up on the values instilled by grandmother Concetta:

  • passion : it is that thing that characterizes the desire to do, to create, tocontinuously evolve. It is always giving a little more of oneself to give a little more joy to others. Acontinuous stream, that of Maurizio, since he decided to make the world enjoy with his grandmother's recipes;

  • fatigue : pastry work is long, heavy and takes place mainly when the world around it rests, celebrates, gathers, makes plans and sews bonds around acassata in the oven, to onebrowse through the Madonie or savoring thegrandmother's macaroons;

  • time : this aspect seems to have stopped. Time produces extremely exciting results, but this involves the extraction of essential oils slowly and at the moment of use. Cinnamon, for example, comes ground just before to blend with the other ingredients of the sheet; the lemon zest comes grated just before to mix with the cream or the almonds that are shelled, peeled and toasted, a few hours before being inserted into the legendary macaroons.

But Maurizio is much more than grandma's values , it is much more than the healthy context in which he lives and works, it is much more than his obsessive attention to the quality, provenance and goodness of his raw materials.

Maurizio is true talent, having a sensitivity to the taste and improvement of his products, very rare to find (at that level) among his colleagues.

Before making agreements with suppliers, Maurizio likes to make them sit around one table set , because it is the best way to to weld human relationships strong that are the basis of the choices he makes every day, without compromise.

Maurizio is the one who if you tell him that you have come a long way to take one of his pages of the Madonie, he amazes you and silences you in his own way, involving you on the spot in an alternative therapy, thanks to his cannoli of silence, so good as to force every neuron that fits in your body to concentrate on that delicious crispy tube, in silence.

If you've been kind enough to read up to this point, we give you some advice : during your holidays in Sicily, come and visit Maurizio in Calcarelli, go and check for yourself if what we have told here corresponds to truth, half-truth or a lie.

Ah, don't tell him we send you, huh! Otherwise who knows what can happen to you!!

If, on the other hand, the distance that separates you from Maurizio's pastry is more or less a lot , you just have to order and to take you home a piece of what we have told you and let us know what do you think about it .

You have already wasted a lot of time in this reading now run to the section of the site dedicated to Maurizio's products and show us how much you already love him !

Gangi Pastry Shop


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