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Manna of the Madonie it is the market for natural manna of the third millennium.

Manna of the Madonie was born from two lovers of local traditions and of
technology. From this union of interests comes the idea of exploiting the new ones
technologies to make rinverto say the tradition: this is our mission.

Manna of the Madonie he wants to offer manna, the original one, the natural one, the one obtained from the ash, the one extracted according to ancient methods.

Manna of the Madonie wants to offer some history of the Madonie. Manna, a unique fruit full of virtues, inevitably becomes the thread that unites the past (tradition and agricultural work) and the future (innovation and advanced tertiary work), which unites great-grandparents and grandparents with great-grandchildren and grandchildren.

Here are eleven good reasons to choose to buy on Manna delle Madonie!

1. Quality
Through direct knowledge of the best producers of natural manna, who extract, collect and store it according to traditional techniques, we can guarantee you the careful selection of our precious manna.

2. Uniqueness
The natural manna of the ash, rich in virtues, is now produced only in two towns of the Madonie. It is not found anywhere else in the world. This is why we want to offer you the opportunity to know the good natural manna, the one praised also by Homer, the one that has not undergone chemical passages of any kind. Directly from the production area with the simplicity of knowledge and purchase that only e-commerce can offer.

3. Transparent and affordable prices
Prices are affordable thanks to the absence of brokers. We buy in the production areas from the best producers, and we sell it to you directly from the production areas. With a few clicks.

4. Simplicity of use
Buying on Manna delle Madonie is very simple.

5. Ease of use
You can make your purchase from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stress-free: comfortable, no?

6. Methods of use
On Manna delle Madonie you will find many recipes for the use of natural manna. You will have at your disposal culinary, cosmetic and pharmacological recipes that will help you to live better. Health can also start from manna…

7. Guarantee of origin
By purchasing on Manna delle Madonie, you will have the guarantee on:
- naturalness of manna;
- coming from the only place in the world where manna is produced;
- product quality;
- typicality of the Madonie manna.
- Ash cultivation methods, extraction and harvesting according to organic farming criteria.

8. Speed in shipments
We have partnered with a leading shipping company worldwide, to offer you speed and punctuality in shipments, but at low cost.

9. Online Tracking
You can follow the status of your shipment at any time. From order to delivery, through the tracking number, a number that identifies your shipment and which, through the website of the carrier used, will keep you constantly informed of its status.

10. Paymentssafe
To make you spend peaceful nights, we have partnered with PayPal, a leader in the management of online payments. Through its servers protected by the SSL system with 128bit encryption, you can make your payments by credit card, certain that no one, absolutely no one, will be able to read your card data.

11. Updates
By subscribing to the Manna delle Madonie Newsletter, you will be updated on all the news via e-mail. New recipes, new promotions, new interviews and more, from the comfort of your PC.