Aglio rosso di Nubia

Red garlic from Nubia

Manna delle Madonie

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The Red Garlic of Nubia, typical for the purple-red color of the tunics of its bulbils, is grown in dry, dark and clayey soils surrounded by salt flats, within the Saline di Trapani and Paceco Nature Reserve (WWF) and also in the municipalities of Trapani, Erice, Buseto Palizzolo, Valderice and Marsala.
Sown in late autumn, from December to January, it is harvested between May and June, after removing the inflorescence, in Spicuna dialect, in order to facilitate the braiding operation.


Harvesting takes place in the coolest hours of the day: early in the morning or in the evening, so that the leaves are moist to facilitate the manual work of intertwining the bulbs to form the traditional "Trizza".

The braids can group up to 100 bulbs and are hung on balconies, warehouses, or outdoors near house doors.
As per ancient traditions, we pack the Red Garlic of Nubia in braids of different sizes and in packs of three to six heads.


Passion and dedication are the basis of our cultivation of the Red Garlic of Nubia, which in 2002 obtained the recognition of a Slow Food Presidium.
In 2008, the canestrino received the packaging award as an eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly package.

Aglio rosso di Nubia
Pack of 3 heads

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