Anice Unico Tutone

Single Anise Tutone


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It is the secret of a recipe jealously guarded over time by sixgenerations. The fragrance of the essential oil ofstar anise themakes it special in its aroma and in itsproperty digestive.
Considered an ancient flavor, theSingle Anise it is traditionally relatedto Sicilian history and culture. Even today, in the kiosks of Palermo,is used and namedzammu, name of Arab origins. Pureand genuine, just a few drops in fresh water are enough to create,together with the white cloud effect, a drink rich inpower,extremelythirst-quenching Andstimulating.
With lemon slice and leaves of
mint, you then get the most out offreshness. Outstanding incoffee as a corrective, the Single Anise enhances its aromas. Stronglyflavoring in iced tea and cola, it is the sameunmistakable in cocktails, ice creams and fruit cakes.


Alcohol content: 60% vol
Glass bottle:cl 20


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