Bergi Amaro with Herbs and Manna

Azienda Agrituristica Bergi

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From the infusion of aromatic herbs of the Madonie Park with Manna, the food of the Gods, Amaro Bergi is born, with a unique and elegant taste. 100 ml format


Gentle and aromatic taste, unique and inimitable, thanks to the addition of the Nepetella herb that grows spontaneously in the Madonie Park and from the Manna, typical of the area, is well suited to even the most delicate palates, not accustomed to "Amarissimi".

When and how to taste "L'Amaro Bergi":  On any occasion, excellent straight, with ice, with seltzer, in coffee and on ice cream.

THE ngredients:  alcohol, sugar, natural herbal flavors (4%), manna (0.2%), nepetella. 26% vol

Optimal Temperature: Serve at -2C, it is recommended to use it frozen to enhance the characteristics of the herbs that compose it

Place of origin: BERGI company -c / da Bergi Castelbuono (Pa) 90013 Sicily- Italy

Packaging: 100 ml


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