Bergi Armonia di Mandarino Bio

Bergi Harmony of Organic Mandarin

Azienda Agrituristica Bergi

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Delicate and concentrated peel of mandarin.
The aromas are suitable for preparing and flavoring icings, cakes, biscuits, pies, buns and other delicacies for all types of recipes in the winter, especially when citrus fruits are not found

Organic mandarin peel, dried and ground.

Packaging:15 g each.

Produced in:Castelbuono (PA)

To be used for breading of fish or meat together with the breadcrumbs, to be used directly on fish or salads, to flavor desserts or any baked product. An exhibition of Sicilian perfume , needless to say, represent an ingredient that cannot be missing in the kitchen of women who love to brighten the table of the sweet tooth - children and husbands included - with healthy, genuine desserts, prepared with their own hands. There is no baked cake that does not include it.

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