Bergi Miele Bio di Ape Nera Sicula al Cardo | Manna delle Madonie | 8 | Miele | Miele Bio di Cardo, prodotto nei mesi di giugno e luglio, ha un aroma molto profumato ed il suo sapo

Bergi Organic Sicilian Black Bee Honey with Thistle

Azienda Agrituristica Bergi

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Organic Thistle Honey , produced in the months of June and July, has a very fragrant aroma and its flavor is as strong and decisive as the perfume. Its color varies between light amber when it is liquid and ocher when it crystallizes. It goes well with a variety of fresh and semi-aged cheeses and even has purifying properties for the liver.

The Sicilian Black Bee is a Slow Food presidium
The company works with the Sicilian Apis mellifera, and is one of the producers of Sicilian Black Bee Honey, Slow Foood Presidium. Defined black for its very dark color, the Sicilian bee stands out thanks to some important peculiarities such as productivity and earliness.

The plant
The species of wild thistle in Sicily are very numerous (often they are local ecotypes) and usually do not exceed one meter in height (there are however some particular varieties that can exceed 150 cm). The inflorescences also vary from species to species:they are often small and white; sometimes, however, they are larger with colors ranging from red to pastel pink.

Thistle honey has an amber color, with more or less light shades (sometimes, depending on the origin, it takes on a light ocher color) and tends to crystallize after about three or four months, usually with a pasty and soft crystallization.

Taste and aroma
It is a honey with a decidedly strong flavor; its intense perfume recalls that of the flowers of the Mediterranean countryside; the aroma is slightly spicy and releases all its character with a strong and characteristic bouquet.

Diuretic, antiseptic, calming, febrifuge, tonic.

Jar of 400 gr

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