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Bergi Organic Honeydew Honey

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Organic Honeydew Honey Andthe only honey that is not produced from the nectar of flowers but from the honeydew of the trees.

The honeydew honey it is a very special substance that is collected from the leaves of trees.Aphids and other insects that suck the sap of the leaves of plants cut the leaves and their petioles and from here avery sugary liquid with low protein content. To obtain the proteins necessary to grow these insects must ingest large quantities of liquid and exude excess sugary fluid. Ants and bees collect and process it, and it is thanks to their work that this liquid is transformed into honeydew honey.

Taste and Aroma
Honeydew honey has a dark color, slightly translucent and a less sweet taste. It is liquid in consistency. The aroma is intense, often with relevant notes of resin, while the flavor can vaguely recall caramel.

With antibiotic properties, it is rich in iron and an excellent natural supplement of minerals and trace minerals. Its beneficial properties also include helping to strengthen capillaries and memory.

Uses in the kitchen
Instead of ordinary mineral salt supplements, you can take one or two tablespoons of honeydew honey dissolved in half a liter of water with half a lemon. To appreciate the ownership ofdigestive tonic just enjoy honeydew with natural yogurt, or on a slice of toast, in drinks or with a cup of cereal or muesli in the morning.In short, a real onesuper food for any age that can be consumed daily.

Jar of 400 gr  

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