Bergi Organic Orange Blossom Honey

Bergi Organic Orange Blossom Honey

Azienda Agrituristica Bergi

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Organic Honey of Zagara is the typical Sicilian honey par excellence, this honey is one of the most appreciated monofloral honeys, for the intensity and finesse of the aroma reminiscent of that of the citrus flowers from which it derives.


Even before they were edible, Sicily was rich in orange trees:this is how Arab testimonies around the year 1000 remember it, when the refined occupants decided to import oranges as decorative plants. They were the bitter oranges, with inedible fruit but particularly beautiful to look at.
During the last century, the orange groves have spread throughout the region, and have given rise to one of the most important crops in Europe

Taste and Aroma

Citrus blossom honey is light in color, almost shiny, and has a consistency that varies from fluid to crystallized. The intense smell is reminiscent of orange blossom, while the flavor is a fusion of aromas that recall both the flower and the fruit.


It has sedative, relaxing and calming properties, and is therefore indicated in cases of insomnia and nervous restlessness. Purifying and calming for the stomach, due to anxiety or overeating. It is also healing for ulcers and antispasmodic

Uses in the kitchen

Since its floral aroma is pleasantly surprising, it goes well with almost any sweet food. However, it is particularly sensitive to cooking and its peculiar characteristics will be better enhanced by cold uses. Try it for sweetening and flavoring tea, yogurt, whipped cream and desserts made with cream, mascarpone or ricotta.

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