Bergi Organic Slow Food Asphodel Honey

Azienda Agrituristica Bergi

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Organic asphodel honey 400 g. Honey with a delicate flavour, suitable for children; its intense aroma recalls that of the flowers of the Mediterranean countryside. Excellent anti-catarrhal to replace the stronger flavor of eucalyptus

The Sicilian Black Bee is a Slow Food Presidium

The company works with the Sicilian Apis mellifera, and is one of the producers of Sicilian Black Bee Honey, SLow Foood Presidium. Defined as black due to its very dark colour, the Sicilian bee is distinguished by some important peculiarities such as productivity and earliness.

The plant

Asphodel is a very common plant in Sicily, it is a multi-year plant, very robust and over one meter tall; it grows above all near river banks, but also in uncultivated hilly areas. The flowers, which bloom in spring, are grouped in clusters and have a pale pink color with dark streaks.

Asphodel honey is an example of culinary delicacy. It has a golden yellow color (with more or less marked shades) which at times recalls orange honey, but is much less sweet.

Taste and Aroma
The aroma, subtle and intense, but also light, recalls the scent of flowers; the taste is medium sweet.

Tonic, excellent liver detoxifier and anti-catarrhal

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