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Biscotti Tumminello

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Each single tin contains 400g of mixed sweets, including Ricci with almonds and Pistachio,
the Cosi chini, the Zuccotti, the coconut pralines
and the latest additions to our production range,
Cantucci with toasted almonds
and Cantucci with Modica IGP chocolate.


There is Sicily, the authentic and true one made up of its most expressive elements and the particular one of the microcosm of Castelbuono, where our biscuits have been born for over forty years.
But there is also Sicily that knows how to innovate to meet new challenges while not forgetting its link with tradition.

They are objects to be collected, to be displayed for their uniqueness.
Their names are Efesto and Anna and they are part of the Arcà line, the new limited edition collection of author's milk, born from the inspiration and creativity of Angela Sottile, artist, ceramist, restorer from Castelbuono.

We asked her to make collector boxes capable of rendering images and shapes
the cornerstones of our production philosophy: research, tradition and creativity.

The technique used for this first edition of the Arcà line is that of a digital collage made by mixing parts painted by hand by Angela with graphic and photographic elements.
In this combination, each of the elements loses its own identity, becoming something else thanks to the instinctive search for meaning that leads to the birth of a new, and entirely credible, reality.

Inside Arcà, the signature milk, which will be available in a very limited number, there will be Ricci with almonds and Pistachio, Cosi chini, Zuccotti, coconut pralines and the latest additions to our range, Cantucci with toasted almonds and those with Modica IGP chocolate.

Hephaestus it is the soul of Sicily in its thousand contaminations and shades.
A journey to the island through the colors, smells and sounds.
On the lid the dark brown, symbolic and identifying element of our island, is interpreted using a classic face.

The story, which instead develops along the sides, takes its cue from those of the storyteller panels present in the Sicilian cart, starting with the colors, the light blue, the red and the yellow, and is a journey that crosses the salient points of Sicily, in a dreamlike dimension: there are the puppets whose shield becomes a rain cloud, the fish swimming in a space that is at the same time water and sky behind a blossoming almond tree, the sailboat, the volcano that erupts roses that reveals the creative and dynamic soul of Sicily.
And then again the embroideries of the majolica, the ceramic pine cone that becomes a tree, the sun which is the money of the Sicilian cards.

Anna instead it wants to celebrate Sant’Anna, the patron saint of Castelbuono and to make people discover the universal language of patronal feasts in Sicily made of joy, devotion, colors and rituals.

In this case the reference is the popular art of Pincisanti glass painting, made up of simplicity and a few brushstrokes characterized by an expressive immediacy.
On the lid is represented the reliquary which in the eyes of the faithful becomes a starry sky where you can get lost under a silver mantle that embraces and protects.
On the sides, on the other hand, the party is told: the lights, the embroideries of the blankets hanging from the balconies, the procession of candles, the ex-votos and one of the cherubs in the Palatine Chapel of the Ventimiglia Castle dedicated to Saint Anna.


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