Buccellati of almonds - 500 gr

Biscotti Pina Forti

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"Cosi":this is the typical word to indicate different confectionery variants of the Castelbuono tradition and here Cosi chini with almonds , born from the skilled hands of the elderly housewives of the town to enrich the table during the Christmas holidays. A soft hand-rolled shortcrust pastry, a delicate almond filling embellished with drops of honey, a sprinkling of icing sugar make this traditional dessert a baked product that you can enjoy all year round.


00 soft wheat flour, sugar, lard, eggs, milk, raising agents, flavorings.

Stuffed ingredients:

almonds 29%, sugar, honey, flavorings.

The highlighted ingredients can cause reactions in allergic or intolerant people

They are available in 500g packs

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