Cannisciu Du Scacciu

Cannisciu Du Scacciu

Manna delle Madonie

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"U scacciu"is the favorite Christmas pastime of Sicilian families, ideal for afternoons or after dinner during the holidays. The"cannisciu"is full of extraordinary high quality delicacies, with which you can give yourself a few hours of infinite pleasure by sharing it with the people you love most. The package contains:

1 bottle of"Suspiru"wine from the Val di Suro winery cl 75

1 packet of"Cosi chini"from Pinsino confectionery gr 500

1 Pack of Cinnamon biscuits 300 g

1 Packet of dried figs covered with chocolate 500 g

1 Torroncini Fiasconaro bag of 250 gr

1 Almonds in shell 300 g

1 Polizzi hazelnuts in their shells 300 g

1 Walnuts 300 g.

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