Fave Secche di Leonforte

Dried Broad Beans of Leonforte

Manna delle Madonie

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Leonforte broad bean, also known as Turkish bean, is still cultivated manually according to a secular Sicilian tradition in Leonforte. It is a precious source of minerals and proteins. Broad beans were called the meat of the poor for their high protein and nutrient content, it has always been renowned for its ease of cooking, for its absolutely particular taste and for its not very floury texture.

Rich in iron, copper, selenium and vitamin C, beans are particularly suitable for fighting anemia and fatigue.

Cooking instructions

after soaking the beans for about 12 hours in plenty of water, remove the top before cooking them to your liking. An old grandmother's trick is to cook broad beans in an earthenware pot:earthenware is the most suitable material for cooking foods that have to stay on the fire for a long time.

Broad beans can be stored in paper bags, cardboard boxes or glass jars, avoiding plastic or tin containers that prevent them from breathing

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