Shelled broad beans 1 kg

Shelled broad beans 1 kg

Manna delle Madonie

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Dried broad beans are a very versatile product, to be enjoyed during the long winter evenings, far from being only the protagonists of soups and broth dishes, they can be transformed into velvety pesto, delicious meatballs and appetizing and nutritious side dishes.

Whether they are with or without peel, the first phase of treating dried beans involves soaking, which serves to rehydrate them. The soaking must be done starting with warm water, in which add a pinch of baking soda:the water must completely cover the legumes. The soaking time varies:for the dried broad beans with the peel, it will take at least 12 hours, if instead it is a question of dried peeled broad beans, that is, already without the peel, 7-8 hours of soaking should suffice. In any case, after soaking, the cooking phase follows.

Rinse them to remove any bicarbonate residues, at this point you will have to put them in a large pot, with double the water compared to the weight of the beans, and cook them for 1-2 hours, adding the salt just before they are ready.

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