Pinsino Kit Sfinciuni Siciliano | Manna delle Madonie | 25  | 
   Una specialità siciliana preparata originariamente per la festa di San Giuseppe,
  ma che orma

Sicilian Sfinciuni Pinsino Kit

Pasticceria Pinsino

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A Sicilian specialty originally prepared for the feast of San Giuseppe, but which, given its goodness, can now be found in pastry shops all year round.

Soft cream puff pastry that contains a delicious ricotta cream inside, all decorated with ricotta, chocolate chips and candied fruit.

An extraordinary delicacy to prepare comfortably at home as in a pastry shop.

Kit for nine sfinciuni.


water, butter , flour , eggs , a pinch of salt

ricotta cream

ricotta cheese


To decorate

chocolate grains

candied orange peel

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