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Limoncello of Sicily

Fratelli Russo

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Limoncello di Sicilia is the most typical liqueur of our beautiful land of Sicily, our land is generous and offers us fresh lemons all year round, our lemons, which come strictly from the Etna area and from organic crops, are rather small and the their peel is rich in aromas and intense perfumes that we manage to capture and transfer to our Limoncello di Sicilia which becomes a liqueur with a rare fragrance, appreciated in Italy and abroad.
The production method is the artisanal one: the lemons, immediately after harvesting, are selected and peeled by hand, in order to obtain a very thin peel, without the white part that would make the liqueur bitter. The skins are immediately immersed in pure alcohol and remain there for a few days. Subsequently, the infusion is mixed with a solution of water and sugar.
Limoncello di Sicilia has a yellow-green color, it is dense and mellow to the taste. It is served chilled in small glasses that are also frozen. Its digestive properties make it an excellent after-meal, also excellent in the preparation of fruit salads


Additional Information

Alcoholic content: 32°

Capacity 500 ml



Water, Sugar, Alcohol, Infusion of lemon peel.

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