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Sicilian lemons - 1 Kg

Manna delle Madonie

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Fragrant and tasty Sicilian lemons.

The properties and benefits of Lemon are innumerable, as they contain numerous active ingredients with a therapeutic effect. It slows down skin aging, is a powerful antibacterial, regulates the intestine, fights cellulite, has a detoxifying action for the body, increases the immune system, promotes iron absorption, regulates appetite and sense of satiety. The decoction of lemon peel and bay leaves is particularly used, as a powerful digestive that counteracts the sense of nausea and indigestion.

The main nutritional characteristic of lemons is represented by the high content of vitamin C (11 mg/100 g), potassium (149 mg/100g), calcium (11 mg/100g) and magnesium (28 mg/100g). The caloric content of Lemon is quite low (45 Kcal/100 g), moreover, they are rich in mineral salts such as:calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2 , B3, 5, B6 vitamin e and vitamin J. A particular substance they contain called"flavonoids"gives them detoxifying properties, while"limonene"as an antioxidant.

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