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  La manna è il prodotto che deriva dall'incisione del Frassino. Le incisioni vengono

Manna in scrap

Manna delle Madonie

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Manna is the product that derives from the engraving of the Ash. The engravings are made by wise farmers in the months of July, August and September. The liquid that comes out of the incisions, congeals along the trunk or flows up to the foot of the plant.

When it congeals along the trunk, it forms cannoli.

When it flows to the foot of the plant, it is called manna in fate.

Manna is a very low glucose and fructose sweetener therefore the ideal choice for those suffering from diabetes. It is considered as a natural medicine, it is a mild laxative, ideal for all those who suffer from constipation also ideal for children. Manna has excellent purifying properties and allows a regeneration of the intestinal flora, for this reason it is suitable for all those who have intestinal or digestive problems. It seems to be a valid solution also to keep colic in newborns under control, strengthens the immune defenses, has an expectorant and fluidifying action of phlegm, detoxifying and its use is also widespread in the cosmetic industry for its soothing and emollient properties.

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