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Biscotti Tumminello

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Delicious mix of Sicilian Tumminello biscuits, packaged in designer tins in a limited edition 2022, only for true collectors!

Signature milk from the new Arcà line - love message, created by the Cinabro Carrettieri artists and hand painted.

Inside: Almond Zuccotti, Cosi Chini, Almond Ricci, Coconut Praline, Pistachio Ricci, Almond Cantucci and PGI Modica Chocolate made with selected ingredients and carefully processed to guarantee goodness and authenticity!

Pack of 520 g


 The paladin he is a heroic figure  which represents the defense of values where the carter  himself very often identified himself.

The Trinacriais the symbol of Sicily par excellence that with  its three legs represent the three points of the island. Unlike the classic trinacria, whose face evokes that of Medusa,  the trinacria of the cart has more human features with an angelic face, winged head, a positive and benevolent characterization.

TARANTELLA The dancer is an allegorical symbol that represents folklore as well as ancient traditional costumes  of Sicily of the past.

Artistic information

Damiano Rotella and Biagio Castilletti Cinabro Carrettierii
are the authors of the 2022 edition of the Arcà by Tumminello signature tins..

The new limited series collection of signature cans is the result of the mastery and talent of Damiano Rotella and Biagio Castilletti, among the few master craftsmen of painting and restoring these symbols of Sicily, a traditional art they are proud of continuers and disseminators with the name of Cinnabar carters. The Sicilian cart is part of that cultural heritage of the island that does not fear the challenge of time. It is a collection of sensations and feelings dear to us Sicilians, which represent the essence of our lifestyle, conveyed through an art form that communicates the pride of belonging to this land.

Here is the idea of Sicilian spirit that we want to convey with these new versions of our designer milks: the pride of being children of this land to face new challenges starting from the beauty of tradition, emblem of the indissoluble bond with our land. These new collectible cans communicate the essence of our craftsmanship in images and shapes: a living past that is renewed with research and creativity.

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