Pecorino Siciliano con pepe nero in crosta | Manna delle Madonie | 8 | Formaggio | Questo formaggio è, probabilmente, uno dei più apprezzati per la sua morbidezza e intensità di gu

Sicilian Pecorino with crusted black pepper


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This cheese is probably one of the most appreciated for its softness and intensity of taste.

Combined with a jam it is a real explosion of taste.
It is mainly made with sheep's milk fed in the pasture of our mountains

It is aged for about 60 days, and its rind is flavored with black pepper, a different process that allows the cheese to be flavored, protecting it at the same time, and avoiding the inconvenience of having to remove the peppercorns at the time of consumption.. 
Vacuum-packed slice of about 500 gr.


Sheep and cow milk


rennet and ferments

black pepper


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