Rosolio di Finocchietto Selvatico dell’Etna | Manna delle Madonie | 10.5 | Liquori | Questo Rosolio è stato preparato secondo un’antica ricetta della nostra tradizione, mettendo a ma

Wild Fennel Rosolio from Etna

Fratelli Russo

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This Rosolio has been prepared according to an ancient recipe of our tradition, by soaking carefully selected wild fennel seedlings in pure alcohol. Thanks to the traditional process with which it is produced, this Rosolio keeps intact the aromatic and highly digestive properties of the plant.

It should be served cold and is excellent at the end of a meal.

Additional Information

Alcoholic content:28 °

Capacity 500 ml


Ingredients:Water, Sugar, Alcohol, Wild Fennel Infusion, Natural Flavors

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